teedoc installation and use

Install python3

Need to install Python3 first (only support Python3)

For example, on Ubuntu:

sudo apt install python3 python3-pip git

Windows and macOS please go to Official Website Download

Install teedoc

Open the terminal and enter:

pip3 install teedoc

Later use the following command to update the software:

pip3 install teedoc --upgrade

If your network uses pypi.org and the speed is very slow, you can choose other sources, such as Tsinghua tuna source: pip3 install teedoc -i https://pypi.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/simple

Now you can use the teedoc command in the terminal

If not, please check if the Python executable directory is not added to the environment variable PATH,
For example, it may be in ~/.local/bin

New Project

Create an empty directory to store the document project

mkdir my_site
cd my_site
teedoc init


teedoc -d my_site init

Select 1, which is the minimal template to generate, or you can directly generate it with teedoc -d my_site --template=minimal init

This will automatically generate some basic files in the my_site directory

In addition, in addition to using the init command to generate a minimal project, you can also get a source code of the official website document and modify it based on the content of this document

git clone https://github.com/teedoc/teedoc.github.io my_site


git clone https://gitee.com/teedoc/teedoc.gitee.io my_site

Install plugin

This will install the plugin according to the plugin settings of plugins in site_config.json

cd my_site
teedoc install

The plug-in is also released in the form of python package, so this will download the corresponding plug-in from pypi.org. Similarly, other sources can also be used, such as Tsinghua tuna source: teedoc -i https://pypi. tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/simple install

Build an HTML page and start an HTTP service

teedoc serve

This command will first build all HTML pages and copy resource files, and then start an HTTP service
If you only need to generate pages, use

teedoc build

After displaying Starting server at ...., it is fine

Open the browser to visit:

At the same time, you can see that there is an additional out directory under the directory, which is the generated static website content, directly copy it to the server and use nginx or apache for deployment.

Create a new repository based on the template repository on github and use the pages service to quickly create a website

Using the teedoc official website template and the github pages function, you can quickly create a website of your own. You don't need to build and maintain your own server, you don't need to deploy an HTTPS certificate yourself, and you don't need any key configuration. It can be completed in 3 minutes.

However, the github pages service also has disadvantages, that is, some domestic network lines in China may not be accessible.

Create a repository based on a template

github use template

  • Set the name of the new repository to username or organization name.github.io, select the public repository, and then confirm the submission

create repo

Then use git clone your repository address to clone to the local

Set up pages service

  • Wait for the automatic build to generate a new branch gh-pages, you can click on the Actions column to view the progress of the automatic build, if a green tick appears, it means it is OK, if a red cross appears, the build fails Yes, where is the problem, you can click in to view the log according to the screenshot method below (you must submit a screenshot of the log) and submit [issue](https://github.com/teedoc/teedoc.github.io/issues/ new) feedback

action status

If there is an error, you can click to view the error log according to the following figure:

  • Set the pages service of the repository and select the gh-pages branch. If there is no such branch, the previous step has not been completed or an error occurred. You can view the issue submission [issue](https://github.com/ teedoc/teedoc.github.io/issues/new) feedback


  • Then visit username or organization name.github.io, you will find a webpage, the content is exactly the same as teedoc.github.io!